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Investigation Details

Wolfpack Research issued a report on June 24, 2024, entitled “MAX: Our Investigation Reveals MAX Is Participating in Consumer Fraud.” In pertinent part, Wolfpack announced that it was “short the insurance lead generator, MediaAlpha, Inc. (NYSE: MAX) following our research into the company’s [Health Insurance] segment[.]” Further, Wolfpack stated that it believed “[MediaAlpha] uses dishonest and sometimes outright fraudulent ads along with deceptive websites to trick consumers into providing their personal information in exchange for a health insurance ‘quote.’ [MediaAlpha] then sells this information as raw lead data or uses it to generate clicks or calls for its lead-buying partners. Our investigation indicates as much as 78% of [MediaAlpha’s] Health [Insurance] lead-buying partners are running boiler room health insurance scams or are flagrantly violating laws concerning telemarketing.”

Following this news, MediaAlpha stock dropped over 6% on June 25, 2024.

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